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Love it. Love you! I just baked the second of these wonderful loaves. The first went in a day! My 13 year-old went for the batter like a bee to flowers. Thanks again Deb!! Love that this was whole wheat and low sugar!! Just the kind of recipe I love!! Second time making this — great go-to banana bread recipe. Great recipe. Both times my loaves have been golden brown and deeply flavored with banana. My new face banana bread — thanks deb.

I tried this with amaranth this morning, after letting the amaranth soak overnight. We really like banana bread with walnuts. Otherwise, this is a really good banana bread recipe. Might even try it with a bit extra millet next time, love that crackle :. Just made it and it was great! This is a new favorite. Second time around, I skipped the the spices and added chopped bittersweet chocolate. I also used a combination of white and spelt flours, and second time around white and whole wheat. Both delicious. I love this recipe.

I am totally new to millet but as one person said earlier, I will never make banana bread without it again! I used spelt in place of the whole wheat and really liked that too.

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Thanks for such a great recipe! Love your blog I have wanted to make this since you posted it and I finally got around to it tonight! I also threw in a pinch of cardamom. Such a hit!!

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I cannot believe that I never thought to add millet to baked goods! I love using coconut oil in baking. Nice to see it in this banana bread recipe.

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The addition of crackly millet is genius! Love the added texture. Baked this recipe this morning using spelt for the flour, omitted the brown sugar and used the full amount of maple syrup. Absolutely Delicious!! Thanks so much for the post — loved trying out millet for the first time…. Made this tonight and it was absolutely perfect — not greasy, but very moist, perfect texture, not too sweet… With or without the millet, this is a great recipe!

Deb — I made this recipe tonight with brown rice flour. So yummy and moist! Will definitely be making this recipe again and again. I amazingly had almost everything on hand; I subbed dark brown sugar for light. The bread was moist, crunchy, and had my husband and I arguing over who was going to take it to work tomorrow.

I added a touch of ground coriander to the mix, as well, since I love that flavor. Made this tonight to help me survive Sandy, the storm of the century! Nothing beats the comfort of banana bread. I made as directed with the exception of the millett. BB — NYC. Love the addition of millet. This is officially my new favourite baked good. I just made it for the third time to take on a roadtrip tomorrow. The millet is amazing, and I will definitely plan on incorporating it into future baking. We love this banana bread! My daughters, who are 4 and 8, request it over and over.

I add extra crunch by including toasted walnuts, and then coating the buttered pan with sesame seeds. Hmm what if I sub pureed pumpkin for the mashed bananas? I have some leftover pumpkin and was thinking of making pumpkin bread. For her party yesterday we made a three layer harvest cake based on this banana bread recipe.

We used 2 parts white flour, one part whole wheat. We made a apple cider maple cream cheese icing adapted from the Edible Cookbook. I have a variation in the oven. Btw, from when I did use bananas, frozen in their skins they do look off when they come out to defrost…and they seemed to have more liquid volume…just in case someone uses those for the first time. Most importantly, I want to say…. Thank you for publishing the weights…it makes substitutions for gluten-free flours much easier.

Just made these with quinoa in place of millet and they came out great! I rinsed and then toasted it before adding it to the batter, but it was still a bit crunchy and nicely integrated. Made as mini muffins, with a few mini chocolate chips on the top, my preschool girls loved them. Always looking for ways to use quinoa. Made this for a second time this morning requested by hubby. This time I toasted the millet prior to adding in and I have to say the result was grand. The toasted millet provided a bit more texture making the bread more substantial. Toasting the millet also brought out a slightly nuttier flavor element.

Again as before I used spelt and omitted the brown sugar, using the full amount of maple syrup. Great recipe! How did I miss this in September? Was searching to buy millet and there is a hulled and unhulled version…which is the one you used or does it not matter? Superb recipe! This was my first time cooking with both millet and coconut oil; however I was confident it would work simply because it was a Smitten Kitchen recipe.

It was delicious! Not too sweet, loved the use of coconut oil, not oily. Definitely will make again. I figured I would follow the above recipe with less sweetener, olive oil and more whole wheat in the flour mix.

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IMHO they were pretty poor subs. Although if you plan on eating the bread with some butter or jam, this is probably a great level of sweetness. Not really sure how that is possible but will probably try again with 5 TBSP. Probably the difference between justifying it as a breakfast bread vs. I only had two bananas, so I added about 3 tbsp of milk to loosen the batter up. Made it — loved it — delicious crakly goodness!! Ran out of millet the next time I had some bananas to use up so used some Chia seeds instead — delicious!! Ran out of maple syrup the third time so used Agave — yep — delicious!!

Love your work Deb — what an inspired take on a classic!! I just veganized this by using egg replacer only adjustment necessary and it rose beautifully and tastes delicious!

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