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Meanwhile, there were plenty of gadgets, clips and props for the Boyfriend to look at. There were several different areas, including the ice palace of The World is Not Enough — an area dedicated to all the snow scenes. After, we headed back on the Circle Line to Embankment.

We wandered across the footbridge towards the London Eye, enjoying some live performances in the Jubilee Gardens there as we waited for my Godfather to arrive. We then went together for some Japanese food in Wagamas. A perfect end to the date! Yeah, I know — I said we were going to do H after I.

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We had the idea for H ages ago, but never got round to doing it. But we did it last weekend, at long last, so here we are. But going a long way away was never part of the plan. It was just about getting out of the house. And I think you go stir crazy looking at the same four walls, no matter how nice those walls are. And believe me, we both desperately needed it last weekend. We spent some time in the gym which was a little sweaty before you even got started on the treadmill, but I managed to work quite hard then went back to our room for a chill out before heading down for the three course meal that came as part of the deal.

It gave us a chance to have a chat and to really spend time with each other, with no distractions. It was nice to relearn the art of conversation and to remember that we actually quite like talking to each other sometimes! It was indulgent, and not really in keeping with the healthy aspect of the holiday, but delicious. And I was so stuffed afterwards, it was a good job we were kept waiting a little while before our next course!

We both picked the stuffed aubergine main course, and loved it so much that we tried cooking it again at home the other day. Because we had so many delays on getting our food, they paid for our drinks for us, which was a nice gesture. We went back to the room, got annoyed at Million Pound Drop, then, like the middle aged people we are at heart, went to bed.

Not exactly the height of excitement — but I was so relaxed, which is what we set out to achieve. The evening was almost a non-starter, with the Boyfriend not sure he could get the time off work to attend the charity dinner at our local Indian. Fortunately, the morning of the meal, he got told he could go. When we finally arrived, the Boyfriend fashionably late, it was a perfect evening. The Indian had a set menu for the charity night, but provided us with our favourite Paneer Tikka as an extra.

Mum got ridiculously excited by a table magician, and a comedy auction of unwanted raffle prizes went on a little long, but raised a few extra quid for the Air Ambulance. I think the nicest thing about it though was the fact that it was midweek. How time flies. We both needed it desperately.

This was a good choice, as use of the spa facilities added to our de-stressing considerably. Wallets considerably lighter, we made the rest of the journey to the Spa. We got Garlic bread to start. I enjoyed a risotto, while the Boyfriend was amazed by a calzone pizza. The evening was then whiled away watching awful quiz shows on the TV. All in all, it was a date of not doing much, and that was just perfect. Role on H date for something a bit more energetic. With the huge delay between this and our E date, I was very excited to be back spending some quality time with the Boyfriend. Finally, we got the opportunity, and like I said, it was just in time.

We were both a little apprehensive about redeeming the vouchers. It would be several tiny fish. The Tootsies foot spa was a very classy sort of place, and after accidentally walking right past it, we made our way inside. After completing a quick questionnaire about our general health, we were introduced to our tank of fish.

Laurence Bloomfield in Ireland

As soon as we even got close, the ravenous little things were clamouring at the surface of the water for a taste of our delicious dead skin. If you closed your eyes, you could almost convince yourself it was a particularly vicious and small jacuzzi. But then a fishy body would writhe against your ankle, a tail flick into the soft arch of your foot and the illusion was shattered. But you did get used to it after a while. We had a fifteen minute session, and about halfway through we had both stopped laughing and flinching sufficiently to have a conversation.

It was reasonably priced, and my feet felt amazing afterwards. I think it was a tenner for 15 minutes. We have our ups and downs, but sitting across from the Boyfriend it was nice to know that I still felt the same way about him as I did back then. Feeling thoroughly relaxed and overfull of hot chocolate and coffee we enjoyed the walk back to our car on our very happy feet.

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The boy should really have more faith in his ability to choose fantastic surprises. So, I knew we would be heading down to Cornwall — a near six hour drive from where we live — to check out the Eden Project. To make sense of the long journey, we also booked a hotel in Bristol, at about the halfway point, in order to break up the return journey, give us an extra night and do some shopping in Cabot Circus.

We drove down on Sunday night, after I ran ish 5K and after the Boyfriend had done a shift at work, so neither of us were in a particularly datey mood. A quick meal in McDonalds, a brief drink in the pub and we settled down to an early night. Of course, the Boyfriend, being the highly-strung, on call person that he is, was unable to completely relax and did leap out of bed in the middle of the night and run out of the room in his underwear, looking for a fire.

THE LAST WISH (Book 1 of THE WITCHER series) by Andrzej Sapkowski- Review

After a massive breakfast, we took the rest of the journey down to the Eden Project. We went through the Mediterranean Biome first, as I knew from experience that the Rainforest Biome would be hard work. Spend some selfish time just on yourself and each other. Within ten minutes I was unzipping my trouser legs to turn them into shorts and wishing for a cold bottle of water.

Still, determined to make the most of it we queued nearly forty-five minutes for a chance to climb to the observation deck — a large platform suspended from the very top of the Biome from which you could look down at the Rainforest canopy.


I was reminded very much of the highropes as we climbed up. It was well worth the climb and the wait though. The success of the revolutionary movements in Spain and in Italy encouraged these societies to follow their example. December 14 O.

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An organized insurrection took place, which was confined to certain regiments. The Emperor was supported by the majority of the Guards regiments, and the people showed no signs of supporting the rising, which was at once suppressed.

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  • One hundred and twenty-five of the conspirators were condemned. Five of them were hanged, and among them the poet Ryleev But although the political results of the movement were nil, the effect of the movement on literature was far-reaching. Philosophy took the place of politics, and liberalism was diverted into the channel of romanticism; but out of this romantic movement came the springtide of Russian poetry, in which, for the first time, the soul of the Russian people found adequate expression.

    And the very fact that politics [ Pg 45] were excluded from the movement proved, in one sense, a boon to literature: for it gave Russian men of genius the chance to be writers, artists and poets, and prevented them from exhausting their whole energy in being inefficient politicians or unsuccessful revolutionaries. I will dwell on the drawbacks, on the dark side of the medal, presently. It is idle to speculate what he might have achieved had he lived longer. The work which he left is notable for its pessimism, but still suffers from the old rhetorical conventions of the eighteenth century and the imitation of French models; moreover he looked on literature as a matter of secondary importance.

    He was a poet as well as a citizen, but even had he lived to a prosperous old age and achieved artistic perfection in his work, he could never have won a brighter aureole than that which his death gained him. The poems of his last days in prison breathe a spirit of religious humility, and he died forgiving and praying for his enemies. His name shines in Russian history and Russian literature, as that of a martyr to a high ideal. Griboyedov, the author of Gore ot Uma , a writer of a very different order, although not a Decembrist himself, is a product of that period. Griboyedov was a Foreign Office official, and he was murdered when Minister Plenipotentiary at Teheran, on January 30, He conceived the plot of his play in , and read aloud some scenes in St.

    Petersburg [ Pg 47] in They caused a sensation in literary circles, and the play began to circulate rapidly in MSS. Two fragments of the drama were published in one of the almanacs, which then took the place of literary reviews. But beyond this, Griboyedov could neither get his play printed nor acted. Thousands of copies circulated in MSS.

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    • The unities are preserved. The action takes place in one day and in the same house—that of Famusov, an elderly gentleman of the Moscow upper class holding a Government appointment.