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Bitwise operators 4.

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Compound assignment operators 4. Increment and decrement operators 4.

Beginning Programming with C for Dummies

Comma operator 4. Cast operator 4. Sizeof operator 4. Making Logical Decisions in Your Code 4.


Boolean types 4. Relational and equality operators 4. Logical operators 4. Conditional operator 4. Accessing Data with Pointers 4. Using Constants 4. Declared constants const 4. Defined constants define 4. Knowing the Objective-C Reserved Words 4.

C For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Congratulations 5. Functions and Data Structures 5. Thinking about an Application 5. Defining and Declaring Data Structures 5. Using Defined Data Types 5. Writing Functions 5.

Scope of variables 5. Unions 5. Enumerations enum 5. Declaring Function Prototypes 5. Extending the Functionality of a Program 5. Thinking about Extensibility and Enhanceability 6. Grasping Objects and Their Classes 6. Creating the Interface 6. Declaring the class interface 6. Enter the interface compiler directive and first line 6. Enter the instance variables 6. Enter the methods 6. Enter the end compiler directive 6. Scoping instance variables 6. The Implementation — Coding the Methods 6.

The implementation compiler directive 6. Defining the createBudget: method 6. Defining the rest of the methods 6. Entering the end compiler directive 6.

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Exploring the Program Logic 6. Coding the functionality in the main function 6. Declaring the local variables 6. Instantiating an object 6. Sending messages to your objects 6. Adding the code for England 6. Building and running the application 6. Extending the program 6.

Spreading the Wealth across Files 6. Knowing the Naming Conventions 6. Using id and nil 7.

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Objects Objects Everywhere 7. Replacing Numbers with Objects 7.

Objective-C® For Dummies® [Book]

Revisiting the documentation 7. Using an NSNumber as an argument 7. Modifying Budget 7. Modifying main 7. Taking Advantage of Array Objects 7. Container classes 7.

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  • C For Dummies.
  • Tiptoeing through an array 7. Adding mutable arrays 7. Working with fixed arrays 7.

    Using C Arrays 7. Expanding to multidimensional arrays 7. Finishing up with the main function 8. Using the Debugger 8. Identifying the Usual Suspects 8. Catching syntax errors 8. Crashing with runtime errors 8. Dealing with logic errors 8. Using Breakpoints 8. Using the Static Analyzer 9. Using Control Statements and Loops 9.