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Gift Cardsharks: The Threat Campaigns Circling Beneath the Surface Learn about the attack group primarily targeting gift card retailers and the monetization techniques they use.

8 Social Media Security Tips to Mitigate Risks

Read the Report. Learn the Must Haves for Your Threat Investigations Join our security threat hunting workshop to get introduced to new methods and threat datasets. Proactively protect your company, brand, people, and data.

Our proprietary intelligence-collection network monitors all digital channels — open, deep and dark web, mobile and social. Illuminate and eliminate risks in the wild before they impact your business.

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RiskIQ helps your company manage:. Your brand is the most valuable asset for both your business and those attacking it.

New Media Economy: Setting the Scene

Learn more. When these suppliers are hacked, your customers are at risk. Continuously discovering, inventorying, and monitoring these assets, which span from your internal network across the full breadth of the internet, allow you to understand your exposures and implement the necessary mitigation techniques.

As RussiaGate Propaganda Continues in Corporate Media, Here's a REAL Threat to "Democracy"

Continuously crawling the internet and capturing its content helps RiskIQ curate data sets not found anywhere else. Leveraging the relationships between this highly connected data exposes the infrastructure being used by attackers against your organization by surfacing new connections, grouping similar attack activity, and substantiating assumptions during incident response.

8 Social Media Security Tips to Mitigate Risks

Continuously monitoring for exposed personal data or impersonation of executives can prevent harm in both the cyber and physical realms. Most businesses are required to maintain asset inventories that detail the location, accessibility, patch level, and ownership of their assets, even those that exist outside the firewall.

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  • Cicilline told reporters after the hearing. The News Media Alliance, a trade group representing 2, news organizations, including The New York Times, has long argued that Facebook and Google have become the biggest online advertising companies at the expense of publishers, which now rely on the platforms to find audiences. Leaders of the committee have pushed for passage of a bill that would give news organizations the ability to band together to negotiate greater compensation from online services that distribute their news.

    Common social media security risks

    Lawmakers of both parties pointed out how some of their local newspapers had shut down in recent years. Pitofsky said, because advertisers now prefer services that aggregate news.

    Who's who of cyber threat actors

    News Corp supports Mr. Cicilline and Mr. The law would exempt the publishers from antitrust rules for four years, protecting them from charges of price collusion. Pitofsky said.

    Held Hostage: Why Cyber Attacks against Film and Media Industries Are on the Rise

    Matt Schruers, a vice president at the Computer and Communications Industry Association, said at the hearing that his tech industry trade group accepted additional scrutiny because of the size of the companies being reviewed by Congress. And he said the industry wanted to encourage good journalism.

    But Mr. Schruers said giving antitrust exemptions to publishers was risky and could ultimately harm consumers and the economy. He encouraged lawmakers to support the proposed antitrust exemption for publishers.