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I also feel that I have limited my human interaction to such an extent that I feel detached from reality. By severing myself from general internet usage I hope to force myself out into the world a bit more. Instead of hiding behind my phone or computer I want to engage in conversation with my fellow students more often. Instead of staying at home every night I want to go to more social meetings like the board game meetings without making up excuses so I can stay home and play video games in my comfy pyjamas.

If this experiment proves to have been fruitful, I will keep up the low internet usage to encourage productivity. I will be making a few exceptions to this quitting the internet thing. The first exception is for school assignments: I have to write my thesis next semester so I will need internet access for research purposes. I also need access to the Blackboard environment of the law faculty so I can stay informed on my curriculum.

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I also make a second exception for e-mail and whatsapp. Anyone that wants to stay in touch with me can e-mail me at demolition. I considered making exceptions for netflix and spotify. Concerning spotify I have offline playlists. A lot of the tv shows come back somewhere in the summer of and for the others I can wait it out. I do renounce all video games though.

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Not just online games like League of Legends or Hearthstone. Also all the games I have on steam and origin.

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This is to stay in line of all this being for increased productivity. I do consider my gaming and internet usage as an addiction. I will be posting this message to my tumblr, spinchat, and other websites I frequent. I will be uninstalling the facebook app and all other apps from my phone as well. It rains a lot in The Netherlands and its nice to know when I need to bring an umbrella.

In fact, they could put your child at higher risk.

And an exception to the public transportation app so I know what times the trains leave. I love you guys, and we can stay in touch through intimate, lengthy e-mails old school style. Or you can even call me for that matter. The introvert in me screams PLS NO at the thought of phone calls and such but the introvert in me is going to be repressed these coming months so ignore her.

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Drowning Lessons. RSS Archive Mobile. Write a product review. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition. This not typically the kind of book I find myself reading, but I was drawn to the blurb and the cover! Surprisingly, I liked it! It's suspenseful, fun and a very enjoyable read. Alexandra 'Lexie' Martone is the maid of honor at her best friend Olivia Fowlers over-the-top extravagant destination wedding at Bocas del Toro, a remote chain of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama.

Olivia and her gang of bridesmaid have kept a file, with snarky details of all her wedding guests. When one of the members of the bridal party has a snorkeling "accident" Lexie finds herself in the middle of a mystery, she must solve in order that her best friend Olivia gets the wedding of her dreams. Except that Olivia is not your typical bridezilla, she's much more 'extra' and it takes Lexie a great deal of patience and perseverance to see this to the end!

When a second member at the wedding drops dead, Lexie knows she's dealing with someone sinister and must put a stop to the murders with the help from the local police, offcourse before the wedding celebrations end up as a colossal failure. I liked mostly all the characters in this book, especially our protagonist Lexie. The monologues she has with herself are too funny and too good! This looks to be the start of a fresh new series I look forward to following!

I'll be eagerly waiting to get my hands on the next in the series - The Wipe Out Affair. See all 1 customer reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. What a story! Rachel is a new Author for me; I didn't know what to make of this book! It was sad, lost long term friendship over, a death of a friend funding an expensive wedding, kind of makes for a strange wedding party! The bride turns into a bridezilla, monster is a better description for " beautiful Olivia", her handsome groom, one has to wonder, after all, beauty is skin deep!

Nico, the rich, as in filthy, dies while snorkeling, his best friend Max is arrested.

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Lexie, Olivia's friend since they were young girls, is treated like dirt by Olivia, yet, she seems to believe the real Olivia from their childhood is still there? Lexie is on the rebound, picks the weakest guy to bind with! I could see this happening to twenty-two-year-olds, but thirty five!? You have to be kidding me?! I am looking forward to the next book, simply because I want Lexie to have a happy, loving relationship! I highly recommend for the sophisticated! Drowning Lessons Netgalley carolintallahassee.

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What a treat. Such a fantastic debut by the author that will sure to become one of my favorites. Where do I start? The main character made me cry and laugh, and really wish the book would never end. The situations were believably hilarious, chapters flew, I had a dozen murder theories—all of them false! This is the type of novel you want to read with a glass of wine next to you and no distractions.

What a fun way to unwind from the stress of the days. The characters are engaging and I absolutely loved Lexie, the narrator. A maid of honor to the bridezilla from hell, she is forced into hosting snorkeling exhibitions even though she is deathly afraid of the water and ultimately solving a murder mystery My favorite part of the book was Ms Neuburger Reynold's descriptions of the landscapes and towns of the archipelago off the cost of Panama where the story takes place.

I have a new dream vacation spot.