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Hence the geoid or figure of the sea-surface is not part of an ellipsoid of rotation but is irregular. During Nansen's expedition on the " Fram " in , Scott Hansen made observations with a Sterneck's half-seconds pendulum on the ice where the sea was more than fathoms deep and found only an insignificant deviation from the number of swings corresponding to a normal ellipsoid. Hence the area of an ellipse whose axes are 2a and 2b is Trab; and the volume of an ellipsoid whose axes are 2a, 2b and 2c is t rabc.

The area of a strip of an ellipse between two lines parallel to an axis, or the volume of the portion frustum of an ellipsoid between two planes parallel to a principal section, may be found in the same way. This formula applies to such figures as the cone, the sphere, the ellipsoid and the prismoid. Monge's memoir just referred to gives the ordinary differential equation of the curves of curvature, and establishes the general theory in a very satisfactory manner; but the application to the interesting particular case of the ellipsoid was first made by him in a later paper in When the angular momentum is too great for the usual spheroidal form to persist, this gives place to an ellipsoid with three unequal axes; this is succeeded by a pear-shaped form.

The method of homogeneous strain can be applied to deduce the corresponding results for an ellipsoid of semi-axes a, b, c.

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Since they are essentially positive the quadric is an ellipsoid ; it is called the momental ellipsoid at 0. A limitation is thus imposed on the possible forms of the momental ellipsoid ; e. This is called the ellipsoid of gyration at 0; it was introduced into the theory by J. The relation between these axes may be expressed by means of the momental ellipsoid at 0.

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The motion of the body relative to 0 is therefore completely represented if we imagine the momental ellipsoid at 0 to roll without sliding on a plane fixed in space, with an angular velocity proportional at each instant to the radius-vector of the point of contact. Vegetative cells cylindric rodlets , ellipsoid or ovoid, and straight. The principal axes of the thermal ellipsoid can be obtained from the U values via a principal axes transformation.

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The surface area of a general tri-axial ellipsoid is [2] [3]. The surface area of an ellipsoid of revolution or spheroid may be expressed in terms of elementary functions :. In both cases e may again be identified as the eccentricity of the ellipse formed by the cross section through the symmetry axis. See ellipse. Derivations of these results may be found in standard sources, for example Mathworld. The intersection of a plane and a sphere is a circle or is reduced to a single point, or is empty.

Any ellipsoid is the image of the unit sphere under some affine transformation, and any plane is the image of some other plane under the same transformation. So, because affine transformations map circles to ellipses, the intersection of a plane with an ellipsoid is an ellipse or a single point, or is empty. This is also true, but less obvious, for triaxial ellipsoids see Circular section. How to find the vertices and semi-axes of the ellipse is described in ellipse.

More generally, an arbitrarily oriented ellipsoid, centered at v , is defined by the solutions x to the equation. If the linear transformation is represented by a symmetric 3-by-3 matrix , then the eigenvectors of the matrix are orthogonal due to the spectral theorem and represent the directions of the axes of the ellipsoid; the lengths of the semi-axes are computed from the eigenvalues. The singular value decomposition and polar decomposition are matrix decompositions closely related to these geometric observations. The key to a parametric representation of an ellipsoid in general position is the alternative definition:.

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A parametric representation of an ellipsoid in general position can be obtained by the parametric representation of a unit sphere see above and an affine transformation:. If for simplicity the center of the ellipsoid is the origin, i.

The moments of inertia of an ellipsoid of uniform density are:. Ellipsoids and cuboids rotate stably along their major or minor axes, but not along their median axis. This can be seen experimentally by throwing an eraser with some spin. In addition, moment of inertia considerations mean that rotation along the major axis is more easily perturbed than rotation along the minor axis. One practical effect of this is that scalene astronomical bodies such as Haumea generally rotate along their minor axes as does Earth, which is merely oblate ; in addition, because of tidal locking , moons in synchronous orbit such as Mimas orbit with their major axis aligned radially to their planet.

A spinning body of homogeneous self-gravitating fluid will assume the form of either a Maclaurin spheroid oblate spheroid or Jacobi ellipsoid scalene ellipsoid when in hydrostatic equilibrium , and for moderate rates of rotation. At faster rotations, non-ellipsoidal piriform or oviform shapes can be expected, but these are not stable.

The ellipsoid is the most general shape for which it has been possible to calculate the creeping flow of fluid around the solid shape. The calculations include the force required to translate through a fluid and to rotate within it. Chemical Engineering. Civil Engineering.

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