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For a full list of who else was chosen you can check out her site. The story is not in the book linked above, but it is listed in there somewhere. If you are interested in reading it you can still get it where it was originally published in WeirdBook Weirdbook Magazine is publishing a story of mine in Issue Also look for a new piece of mine in the next issue of Devilfish Review.

You can find the intro below. It contains all of my short films and weird videos, and I have a bunch of projects planned that will soon make an appearance on there. I am now a member of GoodReads as a reader and a writer. Check out my Author Page , I have added a link to it up to the right.

"The Outsider" classic horror fiction by H.P. Lovecraft featuring Barry Bowman

Sand: Strange Tales: Year One. Imagine It's a Wonderful Life meets Seven. Merry Christmas. I love to photoshop a good, or bad, pun between writing sessions, and well, someone saw the graphic, felt inspired and brought it to life, actually making a Wreath of Khan. This is Joe Regan's real life version of my graphic. And if that isn't enough holiday nerdyness, th….

May 1930, page 25

Post a Comment. Read more. The Wreath of Khan.

December 07, I've been in a photoshopin' mood and its the holidays so theses happened. I have a few more in me but you can only take a pun so far.

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Well it takes place at Christmas. Dark Moon Books will also release Vampires, a collection of short stories about bloodsuckers. This anthology will feature my story "Green Eyes and Chili Dogs," one of my personal favorites. That's all for now. November 16, You think Paranormal 3 is scary. Try driving in the age of extreme distraction.

Speeding through an intersection! November 02, I don't know, but if I had a nickle for every time I've blogged this year, I'd have enough to buy a cup of coffee Originally I started this blog to replace the news section on my web site to update my fans, all six of them, Hi Dad! Now it seems its just a source of neglect and quilt. I post news on Facebook and tell myself that I'll get around to blogging the news later. But later rarely comes, and I feel guilty for ignoring my blog which collects internet dust, like my hotmail email account.

I wonder if that is still active. Oh well, on to the news. Its a lot of fun to listen too, and when I close my eyes I can see how incredible a movie version would be. A big thank you to Jay Smith for heading th…. Infecting Germany. July 29, I then quickly backtracked and was equally impressed by his debut Doll House , which was an entirely different kind of horror and deeply psychological.

Recently, out of the blue, I was delighted to hear from John who offered me his next novel to read, Off the Grid , which is released in November and I also got a major kick out of another innovative change of direction. One can imagine him busting the heads of criminals who might later end up in his fiction…. All three novels provide rather unique experiences, with only The Tracker being dominated by a supernatural story. The others are more based upon the horrors of man, with Off the Grid having a very subtle blend of both. It opens with a shocking scene; Graham Richards is out shopping with his family in the local mall when a man enters and starts shooting indiscriminately.

Graham is shot in his face and his family is killed. Picking up the story several years later Graham lives in the woods and has dropped out of society, just wanting to be left alone.

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He is horribly disfigured and self-sufficiently grows his own food, and around this time a little girl disappears and Graham ends up being the principal suspect. This is only the opening salve of a much more complex plot of which I am not going to go into to avoid spoilers. Like Doll House, this new novel is littered with deeply unpleasant characters which on the surface are very ordinary, even boring, but when scratched slightly deeper real darkness lurks. Another standout feature of the novel is the police detective Jodie Reyes, an outstanding character which links the first and second parts of the novel together.

Interestingly, Richards drops out of the novel for long spells and you may begin to question whether he is a major character at all. The story does have a strange supernatural element, but it does not dominate it like in The Tracker , and make sure you read the plot closely to pick up on the subtle nuances the author drops along the way, as they could easily be missed. The brilliant Michael Connelly frequently refers back to his days covering crime journalism as the backbone to creating the realistic and vivid world which surrounds Harry Bosch, so perhaps this author will do the same?

In his other long fiction, the police have key roles in both Doll House and The Tracker , so you never know. Like those two earlier books, I also devoured Off the Grid in a couple of days and highly recommend this blend of dark fiction and horror. It is published next November.

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Right from the start I would like to say that I never want to hear mention of bolt-cutters, a live rat and a bucket in the same sentence again. I started this book on a Saturday and finished it on Sunday. Can I give a book higher praise? An absolute stunner.

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The novel opens with a guy called Taylor walking into a police station to hand himself over to the law, as he knows the police are hunting him. During his interrogation it is revealed he is the chief suspect for four brutal murders. Much of the first half of the book is told via the interrogation between the detective Owen and prime suspect Taylor, who of course, claims he did not commit the killings. He does admit he was present when all four occurred, and to the police, he looks guilty as sin.

Once the shadow takes form, a terrifying game of cat and mouse begins between this supernatural being and Taylor.

Gothic Blue Book IV: The Folklore Edition

Of course, nobody believes him. To say anything more specific about the plot would ruin the surprises, and there are plenty of those on offer. It really is a book of two halves, both of which are equally great. I thought I knew where the second stanza was heading but was completely wrong footed.