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I don't know, Judy.

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I don't know. I couldn't bear to hear them say that he had won again.

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I felt so sick. My roommate, this woman who'd traveled from Arizona to help get people to the polls, she and I just lay there. Nobody could talk. I don't think I've ever felt people so crushed politically. So many people worked so fucking hard.

In the Wake of the Vikings: a Voyage from Iceland to Greenland

How did it happen? I mean when you went to the polls, how many people were in line? I don't…I can't…How could you not vote in this election? When the contractions quickened, he helped her shuffle into the bath.

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian

Tillett sank her heavy body into the warm water. Two days later, on the morning of March 20th, he documented the first appearance of their baby daughter, Iya.

When Barash had the film from those days printed, several weeks later, half showed windswept sand and water, the other half Tillett laboring in the maternity ward. Both sets, he realized, captured an overwhelming and beautiful exertion of nature; all of the photographs dealt with the dramatic physical transformation of something familiar and dear. The photographs were recently collected in a book from Deadbeat Club Press.

The Wake: A Poem in the Forest | Auckland Art Gallery

In both settings, Barash is drawn to small details. After six days in the hospital, Barash and Tillett brought Iya home.

They dressed Iya warmly and drove around, rattling down dirt roads. Many spindly pines had bent nearly in half, their trunks creating abrupt angles in the forest. The deep snow muffled any sounds; everything was quiet. Iya, bundled tightly, was asleep.

They took their first family portrait against the broken trees. Photo Booth.