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Adventurers : Keenly interested in adding their own names to the myths and legends of explorers and heroes of old, Kitsune adventurers range across the world. The following alternate racial traits may be selected in place of one or more of the standard racial traits above.

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Consult your GM before selecting any of these new options. The following content is from publisher s other than Paizo Publishing.

Tale Teller Kitsune

Consult your GM to determine if this content is allowed in his or her campaign. The fact that few races have heard of the kitsune is a testament to their skill at staying out of sight and blending into human society. In truth, kitsune can be found anywhere humanity has settled and over countless generations, kitsune have slowly adapted to life in different parts of the world.

Although differences exist between groups of kitsune living in different region in the world, most kitsune consider them too petty to be worth mentioning and do not draw racial lines between themselves, instead preferring to refer to one another as belonging to different clans. These regional clans are named after the five elements: earth, fire, void, water, and wind. The five kitsune clans are described below. Note that a kitsune does not require the alternate racial trait associated with its clan in order to belong to it—not all kitsune possess the same natural abilities and talents.

By far the most populous of kitsune, earthkin can be found living in virtually any region inhabited by humans. Outsiders are more likely to encounter earthkin than any other kitsune clan, and as a result earthkin attributes are considered standard and other clans deviations from their norm. Kitsune of all ilk refute such foolishness, but admittedly understand where the misconception arises from.

Earthkin have become dominant among kitsune because of their versatility.

Rather than adapting to one specific environment, earthkin are flexible enough to excel anywhere. Earthkin vary heavily in appearance and can be encountered with all of the fur colors of other kitsune clans. Earthkin tend to be average in appearance compared to the other clans and have no remarkable features by comparison. Firekin inhabit the sandy deserts of the world. According to their songs and stories, firekin once lived peacefully amidst the sands until human kingdoms encroached upon their lands, forcing them to fully integrate among humans to avoid battling them for resources.

Fox Lodge (Kitsune)

For this reason, firekin tend to be more vengeful than other kitsune when slighted and revel in the fear and superstition that humans have of them. Although not inherently evil, firekin have less respect for laws than other kitsune and often ignore legal processes, especially when enraged. Firekin are slightly shorter than kitsune of other clans and possess enlarged ears and puffy, fulvous fur. These adaptations help a firekin to deflect and release heat during the day and keep warm during the frigid night.

Voidkin possess a unique place among the different kitsune subraces, for voidkin are considered either blessed or cursed.

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Although both types of voidkin are considered two halves of the same whole, white-furred voidkin enjoy popularity among their ilk while black-furred voidkin are pitied as if they had some terminal illness. However, black-furred voidkin enjoy much more freedom then white-furred voidkin, who are expected to follow strict religious tradition after being spirited away for training. Native to the frozen wastes, waterkin thrive in the most deadly climates known to mortals.

Waterkin are often somber and serious towards outsiders, reserving their cheer and laughter only for close companions and allies. Waterkin spend comparatively more time in their true forms than other kitsune races as a result of their decreased interactions with foreigners. Despite their cold demeanor, waterkin kitsune are generally benign and have been known to save strangers from certain doom on many an occasion.

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Waterkin are said to have close ties with the scintillating lights that glow in the northern sky and are able to produce similar effects to confound their enemies. Waterkin appear thicker than kitsune of other clans because of their fur, which is pale gray during the cold months and dark brown during warmer seasons. During the winter, their fur is warm enough that waterkin are able to survive the night in all but the most extreme cold without equipment if needed to. Named for the scouring winds that sweep across their homes, windkin dwell in steppes and on mountains.

Once nomadic, most windkin now dwell among humans , but stubborn windkin communities that cling to the old ways exist. Windkin are very relaxed compared to other kitsune and have a benign relationship with humans.

My Rating :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: What I Like One of my favorite mythical creatures, it is neat and majestic. Dislike Nothing Origin Japan.

Werefox Technically werefox and kitsune are the same, but there are some different conditions to distinguish a werefox and a kitsune. Gumiho The difference between a kitsune and a gumiho, aside from the origin, is the "evilness level". Sources: Tofugu the video yokai. Likes 2. Comments 0. Like 2. Related wiki John Dimes. Related wiki Chilly Billy. Related wiki Sir Graves Ghastly. Related wiki John Carl Buechler.

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