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A Red Sox fan's journey from euphoria to heartbreak and back again…

Rarity: oh, hey darling, what is it? Pinkie Pie: you should pay the tax's for all the diamonds you took!

SpongeBob: Yeah, Rarity!!! You should!!!

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Clari-Villa Hobbyist Digital Artist. I was dreaming of Rainbow Dash as a male and father then I'm his daughter pony called "Claridelle".

XD What a funny and miracle dream at the same time. I see you like Rainbow Dash!

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Yup, I do! I love Rainbow Dash too! She's acting like a girl. That's why I love her! Core Membership.

Terms of Service. After decades of waiting, Cleveland fans finally celebrated a winner when the Cavaliers capped off their historic run to the NBA titl This book offers an incredible picture of fatherhood, Faith and sports!

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It's an easy, interesting read from various men with all different backgrounds. Special shout out to the third story, written by Jamey Codding; loved reading about His journey This collection of personal stories examines the intricate and sometimes messy relationships that are found at the intersection of our calling as fathers, our passion as Cleveland sports fans and, above all, our identity as followers of Christ.

Kaleb Schwade...A Miracle Baby in the Works on Father's Day

After reading through this series of stories, I knew I had to own this book, read this book, and share this book. Your story is also hidden within these pages.

A miracle for Father’s Day - UCHealth Today

Cleveland, this is for you! Today, instead of walking my usual route to the parking lot, I walked down a different street and there was your car on this side street in the middle of downtown Manhattan. When the officers got there, they decided to remove the distributor so no one could start the car. My father took the distributor with him and called me as soon as he got home. Since my father worked in New York City, he said he would go back the next morning to make arrangements to get my car back to my home in the Boston area.