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They were fourth in vote share in the June election, with 7. The party was founded on February by Panos Kammenos, a former MP for New Democracy, who was expelled from the party for opposing key political decisions of the party. Independent Greeks is a right-wing conservative party, with nationalistic and eurosceptic elements. Before the May elections the small left-wing Panhellenic Citizen Chariot also reached an agreement of collaboration with Independent Greeks.

Golden Dawn Golden Dawn is a far-right political party, with ultranationalist, fascist and neo-nazi ideology.

Communist Party of Greece

The extreme elements of its ideology are officially disputed by the party. Its political agenda is dominated by a xenophobic, anti-immigrant rhetoric. It was officially founded in by Nikolaos Michaloliakos and it had remained electorally unimportant until the local elections of , when they got 5.

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Its ideology has pro-european, social democratic and reformist left elements. But most importantly, it lays the foundation for addressing a crucial question: the delay in the development of social organizations in which the people themselves will put forward their own demands, tactics, participation and politicization. We understand the Popular Committees as permanent, strategic assets.

But this is not enough.

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  • Early years.
  • Why Should the Boss Listen to You?: The Seven Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor (J-B International Association of Business Communicators).
  • The main goal is that we build an organization that is bigger, more serious, more rooted in the social spaces and among the left-wing activists before the decisive social and political battles ahead of us. Skip to main content. Statement of the International Workers Left Greece. Issue 91 : Features Share. The systematization of our work inside workplaces, with the goal to develop roots there. The first step is the establishment of workers groups in those workplaces where our work has already made important steps teachers, hospitals.

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    The continuation and the reinforcement of our antifascist and antiracist action in close connection with the social anti-austerity struggle. The systematization of our work and our organized presence among the youth. Our most active engagement possible with the Popular Committees. The organized formation and functioning of the Red Network and the reinforcement of Rproject.

    The completion of the process of merging with the comrades of Kokkino and APO, emphasizing the need to win to our ranks a wider political layer of activists.

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    Also the publication of a journal with a more general political character. The National Council should discuss and decide soon the character of this journal who will publish it, what are its goals, how often will it circulate, etc.

    Its parliamentary vote collapsed from Golden Dawn GD , the openly fascist far-right party in Greece, has 18 members in parliament and won 7 percent of the vote in the last election. Its growth in popularity was recently checked by mass protests against the murder of popular Greek left-wing hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas by several GD members.

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    Voting at the conference made it clear that SYRIZA has two main components: a moderate majority camp, with about three-quarters of the delegates, headed by leaders of Synaspismos, the main group involved in the formation of SYRIZA; and the Left Platform, with about a quarter of the delegates, mainly composed of a left-wing current within Synaspismos and a coalition of three revolutionary groups that includes DEA. After a significant minority opposed this move, designed to reduce the influence of the left inside SYRIZA, implementation was deferred.

    It refuses to support SYRIZA on the grounds that the latter is a social-democratic formation that will inevitably sell out. Antarsya Front of the Greek Anticapitalist Left is a small radical left coalition of ten far-left organizations formed in that received.

    Greek Communist MP: EU has Become Union of MONEY WOLVES, Not the People!

    The Communist Party stands in elections and has members in local government, national government and the European Parliament. In all elections between and , the KKE received a 4. In , the KKE received a 7. In the May , the party garnered 8.

    The party publishes a daily newspaper, Rizospastis. Categories : Political Parties Communism. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Namespaces Page Discussion.