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In the first stage, you get a salt formed - this time, diethylammonium bromide. Think of this as ammonium bromide with two hydrogens replaced by ethyl groups.

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There is again the possibility of a reversible reaction between this salt and excess ammonia in the mixture. The ammonia removes a hydrogen ion from the diethylammonium ion to leave a secondary amine - diethylamine. A secondary amine is one which has two alkyl groups attached to the nitrogen. And still it doesn't stop! The diethylamine also reacts with bromoethane - in the same two stages as before. The ammonia removes a hydrogen ion from the triethylammonium ion to leave a tertiary amine - triethylamine. A tertiary amine is one which has three alkyl groups attached to the nitrogen.

The final stage! The triethylamine reacts with bromoethane to give tetraethylammonium bromide - a quaternary ammonium salt one in which all four hydrogens have been replaced by alkyl groups.

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It is much, much easier to work it out if you need to, provided you understand the mechanisms for the reactions. You can explore the mechanisms for the various stages of the reaction by following this link.

This will lead you to several pages in the mechanism section of this site. If all you want to do is make some sense of the above reactions, it would probably pay you to just read the parts of those pages concerned with primary halogenoalkanes like bromoethane. Whatever you do, you get a mixture of all of the products including the various amines and their salts shown on this page.

To get mainly the quaternary ammonium salt, you can use a large excess of bromoethane. If you look at the reactions going on, each one needs additional bromoethane.

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If you provide enough, then the chances are that the reaction will go to completion, given enough time. On the other hand, if you use a very large excess of ammonia, the chances are always greatest that a bromoethane molecule will hit an ammonia molecule rather than one of the amines being formed.

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That will help to prevent the formation of secondary etc amines - although it won't stop it entirely. Nitriles are compounds containing the -CN group, and can be reduced in various ways. Two possible methods are described here.

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