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Buroker the author has held a variety of jobs from soldier in the American Army, network administrator, fast food flinger to lifeguard. For seven years between and , she was an affiliate marketer and blogger. For many people, this is a dream job but reviewing the latest vacuum cleaners or child car seats was not something she enjoyed doing. Lindsay always wanted to tell stories and knew that her destiny was to become an author.

While doing her many jobs, she had been writing manuscripts and had several on her home computer. Moreover, the idea of pitching the novel to tons of agents was not in the least exciting. But it turned out to be huge failure as it morphed into high fantasy science fiction combo that agents rejected since it did not fit neatly in any genre. It was neither a high fantasy, steampunk or cross genre novel, and no one would touch it.

The Emperor’s Edge Series by Lindsay Buroker

She decided to self-publish on Amazon since she believed that her background in internet marketing, search engine optimization and blogging would be of great help. While she is a fugitive, Amaranthe is an intelligent, and kickass enforcer with a great sense of humor that comes out even in the most dangerous situations. While she has it rough as a female enforcer in an occupation dominated by males, she loves her job and will not give it up for anything.

She also has a righteous streak though she is not one to regret when she picks up the sword and gets some blood on it. Over the course of the series, she builds an effective team of enforcers that follow her lead and respect her as their leader. Sicarious is the most significant of her followers who starts out as her enemy in the first novel. He is a legendary assassin that she is supposed to kill but who later becomes a love interest and the most effective member of her team.

Beneath the Surface

Sicarious also brings out the girly side out of Amaranthe. He is a cold and murderous man with a ruthless reputation that has allegedly killed several platoons of soldiers singlehandedly. Nonetheless, he has a dry sense of humor and acts in a nonchalant manner which makes him quite the likable rogue despite his ruthless nature. The capital had only recently allowed women to join the enforcers and Amaranthe had jumped at the chance.

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Nonetheless, despite her hard work and effectiveness on the job, she has been passed over for promotions and ignored for as long as she can remember. But her partner who is not very good at her job and is at best a slacker, always seems to get the promotions. Forsythe reviewed on on Feb.

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Rhiannon H Morris reviewed on on May 23, A great short story from the Emperor's Edge universe. This story gives an extra level of realism to all of Lindsay's works.

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Including characters from the Emperor's Edge series this is a superb look inside the history of the world's most infamous assassin. Great book and worth a lot more than FREE! Rhiannon H Morris reviewed on on Nov. It's wonderful to have even more backstory and information about this fantasy world that I love.

This short but entracing story tells the tale from the angle of a character this world has not seen inside the head of before. All in all, well worth a read. Lynxie reviewed on on Sep. I do not know how Lindsay does it!

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How she manages to write this short, but 'Oh so sweet' glimpse inside of Sicarius' mind while giving her EE fans information, but keeping some of the bigger secrets hidden from those who may only be new to the EE world is beyond me! I felt like I was reading a coded message straight from the head of EEIA Emperor's Edge Intelligence Agency , I could read into the message all the things I have gleaned from my previous EE reading, yet someone completely new would go away with a full story too, just less intricate, less involved, but no less satisfying.

This one'll break your heart. Language English. Original publication date The target? Five-year-old Prince Sespian.

The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker. Beneath the Surface The Emperor's Edge 5. More Amazon.