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And then he died a martyr's death— Forgiveness in his latest breath, And peace upon his dying lips. He died for me; he died for you; Heaven help us if his memory slips Out of our hearts! His soul was true And clean and beautiful.

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What saith Dull history that reckoneth But coldly? That he was a man Who loved his fellows as few can; And that he hated every sham— Our great, gaunt, patient Abraham. This poem, which is considered one of the two best tributes ever paid to Lincoln, the other being Walt Whitman's O Captain! My Captain! She took the tried clay of the common road— Clay warm yet with the genial heat of Earth, Dashed through it all a strain of prophecy; Tempered the heap with thrill of mortal tears; Then mixed a laughter with the serious stuff.

It was a stuff to hold against the world, A man to match our mountains, and compel The stars to look our way and honor us. And so he came. From prairie cabin up to Capitol, One fair Ideal led our chieftain on. Forevermore he burned to do his deed With the fine stroke and gesture of a king. He built the rail-pile as he built the State, Pouring his splendid strength through every blow, The conscience of him testing every stroke, To make his deed the measure of a man. So came the Captain with the mighty heart; And when the step of Earthquake shook the house, Wrenching the rafters from their ancient hold, He held the ridgepole up, and spiked again The rafters of the Home.

He held his place— Held the long purpose like a growing tree— Held on through blame and faltered not at praise. And when he fell in whirlwind, he went down As when a kingly cedar green with boughs Goes down with a great shout upon the hills, And leaves a lonesome place against the sky. By permission of The McClure Company and the author. Copyright, , by Edwin Markham.