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Chief, chief.

Mostly books, with a little wine writing on the side

The phone. They want you. Topic: bosses don messick funny ringtones from movies.

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He forgets, and I quote myself: I'm smarter than the average bear. Topic: bears daws butler yogi bear. Next she'll be seeing Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Topic: don messick drugs. Oh, boy, this guy's a real comedian. But I'll go along with the gag. Topic: don messick. Oh, what a wonderful feeling to be fancy-free and roam. But, oh, what fun to wet your whistle and whistle your way back home.

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Topic: home. Smarter than the average bear. Hey, hey. Leon Czoltz stepped out of the structure into the rain.

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He couldn't stand the small talk of the hired guards for a second longer. The barge had already begun its movement along the wide river, pushed by the small tugboat toward the open ocean. It occurred to him to check up on the acquisition, he hadn't before launch. Leon moved slippingly on the slick boat's surface; slowly making his way to the bin. The rain battered his back like those Taiwanese jungle gnats, it brought back bad memories, to say the least.

He slid over to the package, checking the tarp covering. The chains were tight enough, not to the point where he felt safe though. Cursing under his breath, he thought of the other times the Lip screwed him over. The iridescent puddle of water exuding from the boarded bin caught his eye. No, nonono. Don't do this to me. He grabbed what spare material he had on the deck, wrapping the package's underside and pooling the liquid.

At least for now. He watched as the tarp tore and sprayed the slick liquid on his raincoat. In the corner of his eye, he caught sight as the dark figure lit his flare and tossed it at the Courier.

Leon instinctively caught it, immediately going up in flames. The deck ignited in a blaze, scorching every one of the containers in its vicinity. Leon tossed himself against the floor, pounding the burning ground. He watched with his last moments as the dark man walked away, and with his last gasp screamed for help.

Yorston was along the stern of the barge when the explosion erupted. The teams of four and two ducked down immediately behind the crates after the boom. Yorston signalled Bravo to stay back as he led Alpha forward to look out. The only true light was the lightning flashes; as the floodlights from the tug that once illuminated the decks had gone out since the explosion. As he rounded the corner, he caught the orange light blazing from the oil fire; it illuminated the guards as silhouettes while they tried to smother the spreading flame. A box sat in the middle of the blaze, slowly charring and collapsing, revealing six small figures covered in the fire.

Tarps flew down from the hands of the guards, shielding the flames from the rain, as it billowed smoke up in a vast fog covering the entire deck within seconds; Yorston signalled his teams before the wind blew the blanket of smoke over them. The six agents wrapped their faces and crouched into the fog. Yorston bulleted to the tarps as he looked back to see one of his agents grazed by a ricochet.

The Little Mermaid was creepy and had a crappy ending

The hired guns brandished their semi-automatics as they searched for their assailants. The two fireteams ducked behind two ISO containers near the now-smothered package before the fog of smoke lifted. All fireteams report!

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs -- Faerie Daels

His earpiece buzzed, "What do you mean? This is Charlie, waiting at rendezvous. What's happening?

  • Mostly books, with a little wine writing on the side.
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He looked up to see the star of fire from an automatic's muzzle at the front of the barge. The Marshall, Carter, and Dark agents returned fire on the gunner; each of them going behind different crates for cover. Yorston signaled, then radioed, "2, 4: cover and suppress. They slung off the secure containment vessels from their backs. Each took three of the figures. The teams withdrew back behind the ISOs.

Yorston listened to the absence of gunfire, much to his despair. The Hired Guns searched for the intruders. It seemed as if we had to resort to less… conventional means of engagement. You put the lives of everyone here in danger and threatened the integrity of this operation. Something went down as soon as we landed on the ship. One of the reps covered the deck with gas… But that's not important right now.

Make your way portside. I got a boat, let's get this item the fuck out of here. Yorston didn't have time to weigh the pros before one of the Guns found them. He signaled for suppressive fire again. Three of the guards went down in the MTF's hailstorm. They booked it to the edge of the barge, banking left as more guards came out of the tugboat. Rounding the corner, Yorston saw the Foundation agent with the automatic standing before him.


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Undoing his face mask, Roman slung his machine gun to his back and motioned for Captain Yorston to look. The grapple led off the edge of the ship, over to a dinghy moving alongside the barge. Roman jumped onto the boat. He threw them into Roman's arms.

Snow White and the Seven Grifters

Yorston stared into Roman in complete astonishment and disbelief as the small boat sped away to the rendezvous point. He turned back to the barge as it blew apart in fiery inferno of scrap metals and splinters. Within minutes, police copters swarmed the scene as the teams slipped away. Yorston and Fireteams Alpha and Bravo breached the water in time to see Roman's boat on the horizon, heading back to the city.