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But bring back the old alert klaxon!! Listening to that alarm and the groovy computer voice was half the fun! They painted over it for Star Trek II, because it was a nightmare to film.

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TMP is just absolutely cinematic. Although I loved the pearlescent look I also quite liked the way the ship, the sets and the photography in general looked in ST-III because it reminded me of the series. But keep the whole scene traveling around the Enterprise, that scene is beautiful, and so is the accompanying score! I love to see TMP one more time in a movie theater like when I was 7 way back in !!!

I was gonna write the same thing about being future-proofed. No, just speaking your personal opinion. Such an edgy and original opinion.

Star Trek The Motion Picture – The Art and Visual Effects Coming to a Coffee Table Near You

Happy 40th anniversary to the first Star Trek movie. Without this movie, there would be no franchise. Hope it happens this would be a big seller on 4K disc with HDR as well the movie would look fantastic. But the DE? It has not been released on 4K UHD disc.

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And effects-heavy movies such as this one end up having far more impact now, compared to how they looked when viewed on much smaller screens years ago. I saw TMP in the theater as a kid back in I was blown away by just how awesome it looked on the big screen. I have the feeling that no one is going to ask Stephen Collins to join the 40th Anniversary promotional tour. I am all for it. My personal favorite Trek movie!

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Now this is the only Star Trek news I am really excited about right now…. I will buy this in 4K the moment it is out. Please make this happen, Paramount! The sound mix is atrocious and there are so many other wrongs in there …. What else do you dislike about the DE? The matte shots of Vulcan are not as bad as original, but they are still bad.

There was a perfectly good matte shot of Vulcan done for the original that was discarded which would have been a better alternate. The sounds mix, to restate, is horrific. It does add back in the spock tear. I might have to reconsider my thoughts on the DE. But What about the Special Longer Version? Only slightly better quality than VHS. I would LOVE to see this happen! Dear God, this really needs to happen. There is some test footage for Phase 2 online showing some costumes and a mock-up of part of the Enterprise engine room.

I think Phase 2 could have looked and felt like Buck Rogers, minus the cheesy disco-look and music.

Star Trek—The Motion Picture

I know, not the best sci-fi show, but very entertaining due to nostalgic reasons. I think it actually would have looked much closer to Space Having a new series featuring the original cast, with better effects plus that still trippy sense of visuals think the best of TAS, plus — again — Space prevalent in the 70s, I think it could well have been something very special indeed and long running, rather than only 6 more feature length episodes with that cast….

His place is next to Kirk. Kirk, the enterprising spirit, McCoy, the spirit of compassion, and Spock, the spirit of reason. Meanwhile, Uhura is merely a glorified telephone operator. Charming, welcome, beloved, but not the core character in any way. Heck, even Ilia got more to do in the movie than Uhura did — not to mention Decker, who is nowhere to be seen.

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Outside of showing vger in its entirety, they are very much at odds with the so called director version, and suggest he was influenced by his collaborators. To say nothing of the lousy remixing of the sound, which wrecks the wormhole scene. Blu-Ray was being discussed years before DVD formally debuted. ENT was also already being filmed for HD.

Oh they knew. In interviews done in more recent years the DE team has said they pushed Paramount to let them prepare the project for HD. Very shortsighted. I really hope this does happen. What an epic score by Jerry Goldsmith too, again never equalled since though I enjoy all the motion picture scores.

Would be amazing for a new generation and us oldies! A more cerebral Star Trek before the soft reboot of Wrath of Khan came along. So lets savour this classic and do everything we can to ensure this happens! Could they include any more deleted scenes.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture 40th Anniversary Screening | Toms River, NJ Patch

Would love to see more Memory Wall footage this time out. Watch this every year at least and it never disappoints. Logo by Daren Dochterman. Notify me of. I allow to use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies you can unsubscribe at any time. July 19, am. Dr Beckett. July 23, am. Michael K. July 19, pm. Dale C. July 24, pm. Ideas were being typed and then struck out, conceived and then aborted, on an hourly basis.

Roddenberry had said in the past that he wanted to make a movie akin to A Space Odyssey. As a result, the task was handed to a company called Robert Abel and Associates, which had previously worked with Wise on The Andromeda Strain. As a result, Trumbull found himself at the centre of a massive panic at Paramount. Yet here they were, with the movie just months away, and not a single effects shot had been completed. Trumbull was therefore faced with the unenviable task of coming up with dozens of effects shots for The Motion Picture in a mere six months - more effects shots than Star Wars and Close Encounters combined, by his reckoning.

Writer David Houston found director Robert Wise sitting in his office, evidently tired from the experience of shepherding Star Trek to the big screen. At that stage, with the release date three months away, Wise suggested that delivering the film on time still hung in the balance.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) - "The Enterprise"

Any number of our people fell through it. Finally, they put up a board to keep score: which departments fell through the most - electricians, actors, artists? One electrician, Tiny, fell and sustained a very serious shock.

A grip launched himself to knock Tiny loose from the cable he was holding.