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ET NOW. Breast cancer drugs force some cells into 'sleeper mode', and they can come back to life after years Hormone treatments that make breast cancer cells dormant are used on majority of cases. Terror sleeper cells may try to avenge Dadri lynching: Intelligence agencies Terror groups are trying to activate sleeper cells in various ci All News Videos Photos.

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Militants arrested in connection with Karachi bus attack linked to al-Qaeda sleeper cell 21 May, , Cyber criminals using malware that act as sleeper cells: Cisco 23 Mar, , It has been at that level or higher since August and means that a terrorist attack is judged to be highly likely. And counter-terrorism police and MI5 are currently handling over investigations, a record number. The Security Service, MI5, has more than 3, subjects of interest SOIs on its watch list, more than it is capable of monitoring around the clock, as well as a pool of over 20, former SOIs, some of whom are thought capable of moving to violent action.

While those numbers always seem to only move one way - upwards - the threat has changed dramatically over the last five years and there is some good news. Although far right extremism and dissident Irish Republican activities are on the rise, Whitehall officials say that today it is much harder for IS to draw recruits from Europe as it no longer rules over a physical territory - which it called a caliphate - after IS fighters lost their last stronghold at Baghuz in Syria in March.

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British jihadists are no longer travelling in numbers and with ease across the Turkish border into Syria, as they were five years ago. Fewer plots are reaching the late stage of planning.

Yet for some, the propaganda appeal of both IS and al-Qaeda lives on. The enduring appeal of that propaganda online remains a major concern, especially when it comes to lone actors, not part of any network, who keep their plans to themselves.

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Since the collapse of the caliphate this spring there have been some lurid headlines in the media about IS "crocodile sleeper cells" lying in wait to strike in various European countries. There is no question, say Whitehall officials, that hitting back at all the Coalition countries that crushed them remains an aspiration for what remains of IS's leadership. But those few senior IS leaders who have survived, including Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi who appeared recently in an online video , are thought to be geographically dispersed and heavily preoccupied with avoiding death or capture.

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