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The Trouble With Angels

Or I would have just broken out the rulers. They might have been fun if they weren't presented in such a rinse and repeat manner. Thankfully, Rosalind Russell is there to bring some humor through her pure exasperation. Review by Aaron Bustos.

Hayley Mills goes at great lengths, causing mischief for Mother Superior Rosalind Russell, at a boarding school for girls, in this light comedy directed by Ida Lupino. The film is entertaining enough.

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The Trouble with Angels worked its spell over me, I must say. It's deeply upsetting to see Rosalind Russell in a role where she's not having any fun.

June Harding, Actress in 'The Trouble With Angels,' Dies at 81

My heart can't take the burden. Some fun characters, but the plot is pretty thin and it doesn't earn its ending.

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Scathingly brilliant opening credits though! I also love that this movie canonically takes place in the same universe as the Sister Act movies. Review by Leshia Doucet. A schmaltzy good time. Rosalind Russell is mother superior of my heart. Misleading opening credit sequence. Thought this was going to be a family comedy about bad nuns, but turned out to be a poignant, yet saccharine, coming-of-age story about friendship. Realizing that I might prefer sentimentality over cynicism when omparing this to The Little Hours a movie actually about bad nuns.

One of the worst performances of my….

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Of interest: letterboxd. The Trouble with Angels. Director Ida Lupino.

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