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A group show gathers work by women on two coasts. Paolo Colombo at Baert Gallery. Colombo is a curator, but over the course of his life, he has made delicate watercolors and drawings that play with pattern and tone. In a dystopic, solo installation, Nord has created a series of translucent human-ish figures, each of which is lit by feeds of online video and social media: figures illuminated by the narrow light cast by our digital networks. The Chilean-born artist is showing a single-channel video that dwells, in rather magical ways, on issues related to migration and the ways in which globalism and digital life have connected once-disparate realms.

Broadway, Santa Ana, grandcentralartcenter. Callis is known for her constructed photographic scenes, often rendering fragments of bodies at odd and twisted angles, in ways that harken to playful and moody sexual scenarios or their immediate aftermath. Bergamot Station, Michigan Ave. Los Angeles had stretches that were once covered in oil extraction infrastructure such as pumpjacks, a few of which still dot the city as vestige. This group show looks at the history of oil production in our city and the ways in which it has shaped the landscape.

The truck will be parked at Odd Ark L. Figueroa St.

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Check the website for the full schedule, gas. An exhibition gathers work by 30 artists and architects that examine the ways in which buildings are presented in renderings. No group in history has quite done bling like the Renaissance elite: there was gleaming armor, rich textiles, monarchs draped in brocaded everything — not to mention architecture studded with gleaming stained glass and other luxuriant details.

This exhibition gathers illuminated manuscripts, paintings, drawings, household articles and accessories that convey the richness of life in a Renaissance court. Get ready for some serious shine! Through Dec. Fred Tomaselli at the Oceanside Museum of Art. The New York-based painter is known for creating hallucinatory canvases that explore cosmic and internal journeys — deeply collaged paintings that often employ materials such as psychotropic drugs cannabis leaves and pills amid layers of resin and paint. In large-scale works that combine photography and layers of paint, Guariglia tracks the ways in which humans are affecting the planet — the age known as the anthropocene.

The artist flew with NASA to survey melting glaciers in Greenland, and some of the works in the show cover the state of our precarious ice caps. But Guariglia also looks at the ways in which humans have shaped the surface of the planet in other ways, such as mining and agriculture. Fisher Museum of Art, W. Exposition Blvd. Dust permeates the air around us. Dust will bury the cities we live in when we are gone. A group exhibition at UC Riverside brings together images produced over the last century that capture the various aspects of dust.

The images are both benign and destructive, featuring the natural world, but also aspects of urban decay. The high profile New York gallery now has a Los Angeles space, and to kick off the fall season, it is going with a high profile artist: Eliasson, who is known for his large-scale architectural work that plays on the nature of experience and physical space.

His current series of works explores the idea of the speed at which attention moves — inspired by a technique deployed in dance in which choreography is generated by improvised contact between two people. Highland Ave. A stirring group show chronicles art by three generations of one Inuit family: Pitseolak Ashoona , her daughter Napachie Pootoogook and granddaughter Annie Pootoogook , which captures elements of daily life and the shifting landscape beyond.

Also on view is a show of paintings by Marta Chaffee that chronicles the California landscape.

e-book Torrence the Teeny Tiny Termite

Raymond Ave. The minimalist painter, whose work explored color, its range and its histories, has a show of more than works on view at the museum. College Ave. UC Riverside, and Main St. And this exhibition showcases some of the thousands of rarely seen ink and wash drawings he left behind upon his death in Expect to see the world — architecture, landscapes and roiling seas — through the eyes of this singular figure. A sprawling exhibition of more than objects will examine the virtuosity of African blacksmiths of the 19th and 20th centuries, who forged iron objects — such as blades, elements of sculpture and musical instruments — that were as aesthetically pleasing as they were, in many cases, functional.

This is the debut of this traveling exhibition, which will then go on to the National Museum of African Art in Washington. Young Drive N. In a lobby installation — one that takes full advantage of its size and scale — Simmons pays tribute to forgotten African American actors and films.

On a black background, the L. At the start of World War II, a non-denominational group supported by Jewish, Quaker and other groups called the Movement for the Care of Children From Germany organized to rescue children persecuted by the Nazi authorities in Germany. This exhibition brings together objects from 10 of the estimated 10, children who were rescued from Germany — many of whom never saw their parents again.

This is the first comprehensive exhibition devoted to the late Oregon-born painter, a member of the Mad River band of Wiyot. Bartow developed a career as an artist later in life — after his service in the Vietnam War and a period contending with PTSD. On canvas, he found inspiration, drawing from historic and contemporary European and Native American artistic traditions to create a fusion of something new: haunting and totemic images of creatures who channel grief and frailty.

Through Jan. This is the most comprehensive exhibition devoted to the career of the conceptual artist, whose multimedia work has served as an ongoing examination of issues of gender, race, identity and those myriad states in between. Featuring works from both public and private collections, the show represents an important consideration of the work of a highly influential American artist. Estes is known for producing bright, richly collaged paintings that take on landscape as well as larger concerns about climate and environment.

In a separate exhibition at the museum, Sherin Guirguis is showing works inspired by the life and work of the late Egyptian poet and writer Doria Shafik, pieces that draw upon important architectural sights, works and actions. And this exhibition looks at the ways in which the fear of nuclear devastation manifested itself in art and design — down to the toys that children played with. For years, the Los Angeles artist has been building an archive of ephemera related to Chicano youth culture: studio portraits, informal snapshots, flyers, magazines, mixtapes and other objects.

In her first solo museum show, she is employing these in installations that examine the both the intimate and public ways in which SoCal youth have historically connected over fashion, music, cruising, raves and backyard parties. The exhibition will include video, collages and an altar to the memory of a cousin lost to gang violence. In bright canvases that fuse elements of pop, figuration and bold graphic forms, Abney creates visual narratives that explore aspects of contemporary life, including race, identity and sexuality.

Teenage Girl Arrested for DUI Death of College Baseball Player

The Fugitive Slave Act of required that escaped slaves be returned to their masters — even if those slaves were in states in which slavery was not legal. In that same year, California joined the union. Mokulele Airlines is the first commercial airline to offer service from a west Oahu airport that's at a former naval air station. On July 1, the airline began offering three roundtrip flights a day to Kahului, Maui, out of the Kalaeloa Airport. There's no airport sign on the freeway, and the road to the airport has a series of merges and turns through some unpopulated areas.

Despite the lack of signs, the airline has decided to add more flights from Kalaeloa, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Monday.

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Next week, Mokulele plans to begin three daily round trips between Kalaeloa and Hoolehua, Molokai, and two daily round trips between Kalaeloa and Kapalua, Maui. We've even put up little signs ourselves — like campaign signs— but the community takes them down because they're not approved. The transportation department is working with the city and county and other state agencies to post signs, said Ross Higashi, deputy director of airports. Hansen said if the state fails to follow through with the signs, Mokulele Airlines might have to pull out of service at the airport.

We just hope the state does its part. Michael Lopez hijacked a parked ambulance Oct. She said a firefighter sitting in the back was able to jump out safely. Police pursued Lopez, who failed to pull over. Authorities used global positioning to locate the vehicle and Lopez at his home in the suburb of Avondale.

Kutis says Lopez was arrested on charges of theft of means of transportation, felony flight, failure to yield to police and disorderly conduct. She says Lopez, who felt he was being hospitalized against his will, is being booked into a Phoenix jail.

Authorities in Finland have ordered the "Beer and Whisky Expo Finland " to change its name, arguing it violates Finland's law against advertising liquor. Organizers say next week's event will now be called simply a beer expo, since advertising mild alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine, is allowed. Chief organizer Mikki Nyman said Monday the decision "smacks of typical patronizing attitudes" of bureaucrats.

Jarmo Oresmaa, inspector at the regional state administrative agency which gave permission for the event, said Oct. NEW ORLEANS — The menu includes crickets and wax worms on toothpick skewers for dipping in a fountain of melted chocolate, along with "tarsal toffee" made with bug legs and mealworms and fudge infused with crickets and marshmallows. The 23,square-foot facility is the largest free-standing museum in the U. It houses thousands of live bugs, including beetles, cockroaches, wasps, bees, ants and termites.

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It also has a butterfly exhibit created to resemble a Japanese garden. Insect-infused cuisine is also a huge draw. Thousands annually visit the museum's Bug Appetit kitchen, where six-legged critters and worms are cooked and served. We also have people who have trepidation and anxiety. Some just won't try it. Lemann said the Food and Drug Administration allows 60 or more microscopic insect fragments for each grams of chocolate — so it's not a huge leap to just go ahead and have a whole bug.

The chocolate-infused bug fare was being offered as a special "treat" alongside the museum's year-round offerings of chocolate "chirp" cookies — made with, yes, crickets — sugared wax worms and spicy Cajun crickets. Six months after the custom house was built along the Atlantic Ocean near Palm Coast, Mark and Brenda Voss learned it's on the wrong lot in the gated Ocean Hammock community. They bought the lot in question in and hired Keystone Homes to build a three-story, 5,square-foot vacation rental.


But it was instead built on the lot next door, which is owned by a North Carolina couple. The Vosses hired a lawyer, and Keystone Vice President Robbie Richmond says the company is trying to negotiate a settlement between the lot owners and other parties. Motorcycle Quote. Business Quote. Gaffey San Pedro, CA Monday, September 30, Sunday, September 1, Monday, July 15, Monday, July 1, Starting a Business?